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Stravinsky - LP - JAP - Les Noces L'histoire

w/OBI + Insert (Cover: Small brown stains)       Side 1 The Soldier's March Music to Scene 1: The Soldier's Violin Music to Scene 2 Royal March The Little Concert Three Dances Tango, Waltz, Ragtime The Devil's Dance The Great Chorale Trimphant March of The Devil       Side 2 - Le Noces ( Svadebka, or The Wedding ) Part I Part II
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Beethoven - LP - JAP - Mozart Sonata For Bassoon And...

w/OBI  Side 1 Septet In E flat Major, Op.20 Mvt: Adagio Allegro Con Brio Mvt. Adagio Cantabilla Mvt: Tempo Di Menuetto Side 2 Septet In E flat Major, Op.20      4. Mvt: Tema con Variazioni      5. Mvt: Andante Con Moto Alla MArcia Presto Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Sonata For Basson And Violoncelle In B Flat Major, K. 292 Mvt: Allegro Mvt: Andante Mvt: Rondo,...
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Saint-Säens - LP - JAP - Complete Works For Piano Vol.V -...

w/OBI  Piano:Marylene Dosse Side 1 Charles-Camille Saint-Säens - Piano Music (Complete) Vol.5 Caprice Arabe, Op.96  Theme Varia Op.97 Valse °Mignonne, Op. 104 Caprice Heroiqe Op.106 Side 2 Charles-Camille Saint-Säens - Piano Music (Complete) Vol.5 Valse langoureuse Op.120 Valse Gaie Op.139 6 Etudes Pour La Main Gauche Seule Op.135
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Artur Fiedler & The Boston Pops - LP - JAP - Strauss

w/OBI + Insert Side 1 Entrance March from " The Gypsy Baron" " New Vienna" Waltzes, Op.342 "Emperor" Waltzes, Op.437 Side 2 Chinese Galopp, Op.20 " Fairy Tales From The Orients" Waltzes, Op.444 "In A Viennese PArk" (Polka Francaise), Op.336 " Perpetuum Mobile, Op.257 " Tratsch-Tratsch" Polka, Op.214
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